Growing Up in Oakland California. JT, artist, found himself emerging deeper into the arts and using his creativity as a means for release and freedom. After graduating from the fada fashion academy at Oakland technical high school, Jt pursued a college education at Berkeley city college. Berkeley is where music started for jt. he began working with local artist and engineers to formulate a wave curating sound. his melodic choices and mellow tone help set the mood more most if not all occasions.With songs like f.i.n.e ft Ramon cristwell, Bad for me, and a mixtape titled good luck, jt repeatedly showcases his vast rage and advanced lyrical abilities. these opened a plethora of doors for the young star, giving him the chance to open up for grammy nominated artist like chika and perform at places like stanford university.

currently jt is a full-time student studying entertainment and record industry management at Texas southern university. Although busy with school, jt continues to feed his fans with new releases and visuals.his newest single bad timing 101 is a whirlwind of harmonies and emotions, he takes you on journey with his vocals and excites you with throughly composed bridges and sections. Jt hopes his passion for music and arts can help someone enjoy their time on earth more. his self curated arts festival, black art share, is one of his many efforts on this journey and hopes to continue this work with the help of you!